Humans are supposed to share 50% of our DNA with bananas. Now, we’re not experts in genetic sequencing but we’re pretty confident that at Belgrin the other 50% is all Account Management. It’s so deeply ingrained in us the only logical conclusion is that it’s genetic – so we guess you could say we’re bananas about Account Management.

Partnering with Belgrin is more than just gaining a fun, talented, results-achieving digital marketing agency – it’s gaining an extra limb or four. We joke that if you cut us we bleed our clients but it’s true; we’re so invested in our clients’ success we effectively merge with them to become a business octopus hybrid with us doing the tasks that keep your hands free to build your business.

As your account managers Belgrin will develop a clear digital road map based on research, data and years of experience to create a marketing strategy for your continued prosperity. We are totally committed and devoted to building your brand and your returns.

When Belgrin takes on your account we become your off-site design and digital marketing team providing ongoing support and value. In this crucible we call the free market we get results because we develop relationships and put the work into account management piece. We are like a compilation CD chock full of Creative Strategists, Designers, Communications Manager, Digital Specialists, Social Media Manager, PR Coordinator and Web Developer who create content that reflects your brand values and personality – Now That’s What We Call Account Partnership.