The power of Real Time Marketing in today’s world is priceless. It is all about being seen at the right time when a certain topic is all the rage. Companies are cashing in on these moments via social media and sending out creative posts, tweets and images. When done right, these forms of communication are going viral and giving huge exposure to the brands that are putting them out there. By doing this, companies are saying to their communities that they are paying attention to what is going on in the world, which is one of the top priorities and reasons we participate in social media. It’s keeping their fans interested in their posts and building brand awareness for these companies. They usually are involved in events that are a bit more light hearted, as you don't want to be creating too much controversy around your brand with inappropriate comments on sensitive subjects. A few examples of some great real time posting have happened during sporting events, award shows and even some political debates. Arby’s in America had this Tweet during the Grammy Awards, which in turn prompted this reply from Pharrell Williams. You can see this was retweeted over 76,000 times. The World Cup in Brazil provided many real time marketing moments and none more popular than the Luis Suarez biting incident, best summed up by Snickers. The Superbowl always generates numerous tweets from American companies trying to get their name in the news and help them going viral. We quite enjoyed this exchange between JCPenny and Snickers. Lastly we have Oreo, who are close to being the kings of Real Time Marketing with their ingenious Tweets - one being the Royal babies arrival and the other during the Superbowl in 2013, which gathered some great traction for them. So if you want to put yourself in front of new, potential followers and customers, make sure you keep on track with current events and have your social media account handy, you never know when a real time event will help you reach more followers. You can read more about Social Media here