Class. Does it mean a sense of the irresistible or elegance and grace or to exist in a class of our own? Class is a word often associated with Belgrin, our work, our people and our ethos. It’s a great word but Belgrin cannot accurately be described with a word. We are more than a collection of letters. Words are meaningless without a story and stories are a collection of moments and innovations.

What makes us who we are is when a new piece of work is unveiled to a client and they just look, a dreamy disbelief glazing their eyes and—as they realise they’re not dreaming—the corners of their mouth curl and stretch into a little smile that says: “Wow! Is that what you’ve created for me; is that really mine?”

That moment; that’s Belgrin.

Sounds like a rubbish perfume advert right? You know the ones, some famous actor mumbling nonsense whilst running up some steps or looking out onto a city all filmed in black and white. You watch them and think “what the heck was that about? WHAT DOES IT SMELL LIKE!?”

Simply put we’re a design and communications agency specialising in branding slash marketing and we’re bloody good at it and have the portfolio and track record to back it up.

Belgrin has existed for over a decade and continues to work with many of the same clients who were around to see us burst into life simply because we’re class. We also many other things: proactive, dedicated, collaborative, interactive, smart, hard-working. Branding, web design, advertising, print publication and PR campaigns, we do all these things and more—and do them extremely well.

What we do is keep your business ahead of the curve, living in the future and never playing catch up. We are less poncey perfume ads with confusing creative direction and more the Flux Capacitor from the Back to the Future movies, we won’t let your marketing get stuck in the past.