Class is a quality of its own. It speaks to your sense of the irresistible. Belgrin is a bit like that. You could say we’re a design and communications agency, specialised in branding slash marketing, which we are. You could point to our outstanding portfolio and say: “The track record is everything.” It isn’t. It says a lot about who we are, but there’s more.

The true class of Belgrin is not in any single one of our projects–whether in branding, web design, advertising, print publication or PR campaign. We do all these things, and do them extremely well. But when a new piece of work is unveiled to a client and they just look, and their eyes are glazed in a kind of disbelief and there’s a little smile that says: “Wow. Is that mine? Is that what you’ve created for me?” And we say “That’s it”. That’s Belgrin.