Terms and Conditions

Ownership and Usage Rights:

1.1. Belgrin Creative Marketing Agency (“Belgrin”) retains ownership of all creative assets, strategies, and content developed or provided as part of the paid and organic social media services. 

1.2. The client acknowledges that all social media content, including but not limited to graphics, copywriting, strategies, and advertising campaigns, created by Belgrin remains the intellectual property of Belgrin unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

1.3. The client is granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the social media content and strategies solely for the purposes outlined in the agreement between Belgrin and the client.

Prohibited Use:

2.1. The client agrees not to reproduce, distribute, modify, or publicly display any social media content, strategies, or creative assets provided by Belgrin without prior written consent.

2.2. The client shall not sublicense, transfer, or assign any rights granted by Belgrin under these terms and conditions without express written permission.

Defamatory Comments and Crisis Management:

3.1. The client acknowledges that Belgrin is not responsible for monitoring or managing any defamatory comments, negative feedback, or crisis situations that may arise on the client’s social media platforms.

3.2. The client agrees to assume full responsibility for addressing and mitigating any such incidents, including but not limited to defamatory comments, negative publicity, or reputation management issues.

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